Are You A Runner?

I never considered myself a running because I didn’t “look” like one or I was not “as fast” as the runners out there. But you know what? I get out there and pound the pavement! So I am a runner in my little heart! We all are – own it!

You run for two miles? You’re a runner!

You run for 26.2 miles? You’re a runner!

You doing a Couch to 5k program? You’re a runner!

If you struggle with this (like I did for many, many, many years) then I really recommend reading Dorothy’s piece “I want to look like a runner” on her AWESOME blog Mile Posts.

This has been my realization this year and I want to own it. Step by step. Little by little. I too am a runner. Yesterday was one of those days that validated that for me. As you know, DC summers are ridiculously hot and humid. I set out on a 2 mile jog around our neighborhood on Sunday and was a little terrified about the heat. I had spent the morning at my parent’s house baking cupcakes before they flew back to the Philippines (they live there) and was stuck with a mid-day run. Ouch! Mr. husband helped me load up on sunscreen before I attached my heart rate monitor and I put on my new running outfit (always makes you feel better!) – THEN and I was off! It was a little after 3:00 PM and the National’s were playing a day game. We live right by the stadium so my run to the boardwalk took me straight past the stadium and around TONS of Nat’s fans just meandering around the neighborhood. “Don’t stop” I thought to myself over and over again…they will see you! They will see you! Keep pushing through!

So I kept running out of fear of being judged by the big guys with their Nat’s jerseys and Bryce Harper bobble head dolls. I thought to myself “well, you usually stop around here and walk” but I wasn’t tired yet and continues on…one foot in front of the other. I surprised myself when I made it all around my usual 2 lap loop and stopped only once (to wait for a crosswalk light to change). I like to think it was powered by my new blog love – so thank you readers!!

Here is a shot of yours truly finding her strong post-run:


I set out Monday afternoon to get another two miles in before Bible Study at 6:30 pm. It was STILL boiling hot! I grabbed my water and set out. What I forgot was that while DC is pretty flat running…NOVA is rolling hills…HILLS ARE EVERYWHERE! I felt like it was two miles uphill the whole way but I made it. Nothing feels better than conquering a new hill! I got lost once and had to slow down to turn my Google Maps on, but I finally found my way back to a main road. Hot. Sweaty. And down 300 calories.

For the second day in a row I had a run I was PROUD of!

Today was my cross training day so I headed over to boot camp and am still shaking as I type this blog post up. An hour of outdoor torture (that I secretly love) is what it really should be called. This was the last camp of the summer but they are considering extending it for another month! I have to say that it is probably the fastest 600 calories I have EVER burned.

Tomorrow? Rest day! Max and I have a softball game after work with our team Hawks on the Hill and are hoping to kick some butt…because we got ours kicked last week. It’s not a traditional rest day 😀 but I like to save those for the very end of the week just in case I cannot get a run in on a regular week day.

Keep finding your strong,



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