“Cheating” – Dear Diary #3

I set out a healthy meal plan for the week and am going along, minding my own business, kicking butt, and then BOOM! Office ice cream cake. BOOM! Craving flaming hot Cheetos. BOOM! Husband makes 24 chocolate chip cookies (it’s rude to say no, right?). BOOM! Friends want to go to Chipotle. BOOM! Lunch wasn’t filling enough. BOOM! Free Godiva chocolate. BOOM! Polished off that bag of M&M’s. BOOM! Order that friend chicken.

The list goes on and on…but these are all things that I have cheated on in the past month. Radical openness with my blogging, right? Just kidding. But I really did do all of those things…the fried chicken happened last night and man was it magical.

We all cheat occasionally but this week has been a bad one for me so far. Keeping this blog helps hold me accountable and if I want to write an honest post or go on a good run I will FEEL it on days that I cheat.

So what is it that you cheat on/with? Sticking to a good, clean, awesome running diet can be hard and takes a while for it to become “normal” but I am working on it.

Want to know what makes “cheating” on your diet every hard? HOLIDAY WEEKENDS!


Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Keep finding your strong,

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