“The Dreaded Plateau” – Dear Diary #7

Trying to cut down on your weight has to be one of the most frustrating personal struggles! I work out every single day, sometimes twice a day, and bike to work. I play softball. I eat what I consider a healthy and clean diet – and one day I need to do a photo log of what that looks like to get some help – but I stay in the same weight range. It’s frustrating!

I try to tell myself to stay away from scales because I know that the numbers are not always reflective of your body and the fat:muscle ration. Do I stick to that? Heck no! Do I wish I did? Of course! Nothing sucks more than working out for weeks and seeing no change in the numbers.

I lost 4 pounds when I started this blog and nothing has changed number wise since. Of course I feel it in my body, I feel the pain on my sides from crunches and in my legs from squats…so I know it is doing something… I just do not know what. For me my BIGGEST trouble spot is my belly – urgh hate it! Who doesn’t?

I’ve read a lot about cleanses lately and I know that most of them are pretty dangerous and/or deprive your body of much needed nutrients. However, I did stumble across one that I think could help boost me over this little plateau. It’s Jillian Michael’s “tea” from the Biggest Loser series. Basically you continue exercising and eating healthy BUT you add drinking 60 ounces of this tea to your daily intake:

60 oz of purified water
2 tablespoon’s lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice
1 dandelion root tea bag

My only question is where the heck does one find dandelion root tea bags?! Hmmm…time to start searching.
I need to remember that there is no quick fix. I don’t need diet pills or slimming drinks or expensive weight loss tolls….all I need is running shows, a sports bra, and a little determination.

Do you have any tips for weight loss? What would you suggest?


13 thoughts on ““The Dreaded Plateau” – Dear Diary #7

  1. Speaking of Jillian Michaels… have you listened to her podcast? Every time someone says they have plateau’d she asks if they are counting calories, usually it turns out that the caller is not counting calories and making sure they are burning more they are eating…

    1. Hey! Thanks for your reply! I usually burn 500 a day with workouts and I am counting calories via the livestrong fitness app and am following at 1400 calorie diet. I should probably start listening to her podcast to learn more – I can’t imagine burning 1,400+ calories in a day and in taking 1,4000 haha!

    2. I was going to suggest Jillian’s advice as well. She says plateaus happen because your body has adjusted to your routine and it will straighten itself out in about 3 weeks. Her tips to break through one is to change up your workout, increase your intensity, increase your calories, and drink a whole lot of water. Good luck!

  2. Definitely agree with the above poster re: changing it up – I’ve previously plateaued, continued doing the same ol’ routine food/exercise wise as I thought it was ‘perfect’ but bodies can adapt really quickly. Taking up different exercise/even eating different foods can be helpful 🙂 good luck!

      1. It may be helpful to post your current routine/diet, or direct me to a post which has them 🙂 but for example, I used to just do elliptical when I started out, lost a lot of weight as I was very unfit but then plateaued. Then I added in spinning which bust through it very quickly. Same thing happened and I found progress in a combination of spinning/running. My weight plateaued and I realised I was overtraining and under eating – I cut down my workouts, ate a few more (nutritious) calories and once again my weight finally settled to its ‘happy weight’ which I’m now happy to maintain with mainly running and yoga.

        As for foods, I’ve dabbled with adding/cutting the amount of carbohydrates depending on what my body needs at the time.

        Hope that’s helpful!

      2. Hey Lucy! Thanks! Let’s see:

        Monday: morning gym session (30 minutes) followed by biking to and from work (5 miles each way, hills, equates to 200+ calories each way)
        Tuesday: boot camp, biking to and from work
        Wednesday: morning gym session (30 minutes), biking to and from work, and yoga at night
        Thursday: morning gym session (30 minutes), biking to and from work, softball at night
        Friday: morning gym session (30 minutes), biking to and from work, rest at night for saturday
        Saturday: Longer run day
        Sunday: short run/rest day

        My daily intake looks like this:

        Breakfast: coffee, 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, 1 cup of pumpkin flax seed granola

        Snack: fruit or a small snack like a granola bar

        Lunch: raw baby carrots, a PB&J sandwich, plain tortilla chips

        Snack: fruit

        Dinner: a salad (I usually go with mixed greens and spinach, chopped walnuts, Parmesan cheese shredded, and a balsamic vinaigrette) but I like to change it up!

      3. I know it means jackall but where does your BMI lie on the range? My first instinct from reading it is overtraining/undereating (at least this was a similar problem for me) – what do you do in the gym? When we exercise too much and eat too little it puts our body into ‘stress’ mode – surges of cortisol mean that the body will cling on to every calorie and fat it can get its hands on. What do you reckon?

  3. I think I may have the answer to your dandelion question!
    I’d start my search in Whole Foods. They have a large tea selection and I know for a fact that they carry herbal flavors that lean floral (like dandelions!) I go there for my tea because they tend to have such a great selection for more natural remedies.

    1. You are brilliant! I need to check that out! There is a GNC near 17th and Connecticut that I need to check out as well, I feel like they might carry it.

      Now here’s to hoping that it is not a million dollars!

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