I’m Here! I’m Here! With Neck Pain!

Hello Bloggers,

I want to apologize for my lack of posts this week! My best friends wedding is coming up in 2 days and with a short work week (so I can get my booty up to Pennsylvania for the big day!) this have been a little more hectic than usual. I’ll be back VERY soon!

I am however having a bit of a neck pain problem that I would love some advice on. I woke up 2 days ago with horrible neck pain (like a kink in my neck) that has not gone away. It’s the bottom of my neck where my neck and shoulders meet. I used my STEM machine on it last night and had the hubby work the knots out with a good neck rub. Today I am going to try ice packs while at work because my chiro advised against heat the last time this happened (several months ago before a business trip). I have not lifted weights since the pain started and have lightened the load on my backpack while biking to and from work. It is making running this week quite uncomfortable! Do you have any suggestions?! I would love some input!


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