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Hey Bloggers,

A good friend of mine started a new consortium of bloggers (mostly finance — but they’ve got a little bit of everything) called Economag. Today, a post I submitted went live. Please head on over and check out my latest post: Looks like you need some motivation! Like my Monday Morning Motivation series? Well, you will love this post!


3 thoughts on “Economag Blog Visit

  1. Great post! This is so true. Running is expensive! I definitely spend all my money on shoes. Clothing I get as cheap as I can. Another thing I try to do to save money is know which races I want to run so I can sign up as soon as possible and get in with the early bird prices. If you can get a team together, you can usually get $5 or $10 off too! So that helps.

      1. No problem! I still saw the reply 😀

        Shoes are SO expensive but SO worth it. Where do you buy yours? Do you get custom fit with a running shoe tech at a running store? We are pretty faithful to Road Runner and their Shoe Dog program. If you consistently buy from one store, it might be worth looking into their VIP-type programs. My husband and I saved $80 in our last purchase (2 pairs of new shoes, 1 pair of inserts)!

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