Race Recap – Dewey Goes Pink

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This afternoon I ran the Dewey Goes Pink 5k for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. This particular race really held a special place in my heart because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a week ago AND my mother-in-law won her battle with breast cancer this past summer and is now cancer free. What can I say, I surround myself with strong women!

The morning was a little rough and threw a few curve balls into my game plane. My in-laws live on the bay in Delaware and there are several corn fields in the area. As we drove in last night, we passed through huge dust clouds that almost looked like fog…

picstitchwith the windows down! I was wearing a long sleeve shirt,but my neck and face and hands were exposed. I have pretty strong seasonal allergies and woke up in the middle of the night itchy all over and forced myself back to sleep. Around 7 AM I woke up feeling like my neck was on fire and walked downstairs to Max who was watching the news. I told him I felt like I was having an allergic and he looked at me like I had three eyes. Actually…I had one eye! My left eye was swollen and shut and my neck/face were covered and a painful, raised red rash. Luckily my in-law’s has benadryl and anti-itch cream and I hoped into a cold, cold shower to get the rash down. I popped another benadryl, downed the coffee and protein shake my father-in-law so nicely made me (so yummy), and us running ladies headed over to the race.  I was reluctant to do this…because I looked like a monster…but here is a photo.

We parked, got our time chips, cute shirts, some water bottles, and waited for the men to arrive so we could hand-off our goodies and hand off Marcel (who was so handsome in his breast cancer scarf!). By the time the race started my eye was still swollen but my rash had gone down significantly. Thank GOD! We are having an unseasonably warm weekend down here and were in the 90’s by the time the race started. So the gun went off and I tried to keep up with the front group…and was way out of my pace group! The guy in front ended up finishing in 18 minutes! I ran the first mile, hit up the water table for another cup, and went on a loose 1 min run – 1 min walk strategy for the next 2 miles. It was just WAY too hot and I stupidly did not carry water with me. It was that kind of heat where you feel like throwing up. Not fun. But I really enjoyed the race! We had to cross one major road so runners were stuck waiting on one end as they let cars through so that messed with my time a little. A total of 1,600 runners racing in a small town is always a challenge! The course was pretty flat which was great (hello beach running!) but Bendryl was really taking it’s tole on me and I felt a little like a zombie on the road.


As we hit the 2.5 mile markers I knew I needed to kick it into a gear a little more. I am one of those runners that gets a real kick at the end of a race and I could see people dropping around me. I caught up to one guy who reminded me of my dad and I started running with him. He

had just stopped to walk and I turned to him and encouraged him to finish strong and that I would help him run the last 0.6 miles. He did it! We picked up the pace and crossed the finish line at 36 mins and 24 seconds. He thanked me when we got to the finish line and that felt great. I love encouraging other runners and helping people make their way to the finish line. The struggle is real, runner friends, the struggle is real!

I crossed the finish line, grabbed my water bottle and ice pack, and made my way over to “our spot” at the Starboard. Our speedy 1.5 milers had already made there way back and gotten their drinks by the time I finished – they did great!! They had a huge spread of cookies, WHOLE pigs, BBQ chicken, pasta, fruit, cookies, drinks, and beer for everyone afterwards. Marcel enjoyed eating my bag of ice, haha, he is a funny little puppy! I on the other hand enjoyed two bottles of water, bbq, and 2 pink crushes (whatever that was? grapefruit juice and vodka I think!

Races like these are my favorites. I didn’t PR, I wasn’t overly proud of my time at all, I ran it mostly on my own, and you don’t get a fun medal…but they MEAN a lot. They mean the world! We raised over $30,000+ for breast cancer research and like the VP of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition said, “we are doing this so that future generations do not need to be affected by breast cancer like ours have.”

Next up? The Marine Corps 10k with Team Peacock!

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