Signing Up for My First Ironman 70.3!

When I first raced my first triathlon in 2011 I thought to myself…could I ever do an Ironman event? Iroman has 2 distances — a half Ironman (70.3 miles) and a full ironman (140.6 miles). The more I raced, the more I biked, the more I signed up for I could not shake the feeling…should I sign up for a 70.3?

The last couple of weeks have been filled with countless conversations and the affirmation I needed to FINALLY his REGISTER! On June 10, 2018 (God willing) I will be competing in my first Ironman event at Ironman 70.3 Eagleman in Maryland!!


A half Ironman or 70.3 consists of:

  • 1.2 mile open water swim
  • 54 mile bike
  • 13.1 mile run (half marathon)

…and you have time cut offs to hit and 8.5 hours to finish it from start to finish when all is said and done (if you make those swim and bike cut offs – ahh). Doubt, lack of self confidence, fear all kept holding me back until I finally set up a couple of coaching sessions with professional triathlon coaches (3 total). All of them had similar feedback after analyzing my data, my sprint times, and my Olympic times:

  • I would make the cut offs (giant sigh of relief)
  • I will be an hour or more from that final cut off (even larger sign of relief)
  • My bike is my strongest suit and will probably save me some time when making ti jump up to 70.3 (it’s where you spend the most amount of time)
  • My goal for the next couple of months should be to continue building up my base mileage and come the new year I should hire a coach to get me into peak racing shape
  • I need to find a way to get into the pool more because my “don’t train for the swim and just go wing it”‘ mentality that I take with sprint and Olympic distance tri’s won’t cut it for an Ironman event
  • Don’t underestimate weight training
  • I am already signed up for 10k’s and a half marathon for this training cycle so I’ve got some great built in mile stones to hit

So I took all of this and prayed and prayed and prayed and talked to my husband (who will kick my butt this training cycle) and prayed some more….and then hit that big red register button!! AHHHHH!! I am so excited and scared and happy all at the same time. This blog will be my refuge and voice for the next year or so as I train and compete. So come along on this 70.3 mile journey with me!!

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