Mantras and Mental Games

Do you have a mantra? Something you repeat in your head while you train or endure the hard stuff that just keeps you going? Sure…sometimes I am crying as I say it or maybe swearing as I say it… but some words just have the power to push you. What’s yours??

I thought I would share a few of mine and the “why” behind them.

FIND YOUR STRONG – It’s a Saucony marketing campaign/slogan I fell in love with when I was training for my first half marathon in 2013. How often do we actually view ourselves as strong?  know I don’t! Not sure I will until I get really defined bike legs! But I love the idea that within each of us is a “strong” and we need to find it – dig deep – and use it.

EMBRACE THE SUCK – It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and six pack abs. Getting to any finish line can suck and the training it takes to get there can be ugly. Sometimes I finish a run at 9 pm, sometimes I run at 5 am with no coffee and an angry face, sometimes my schedule calls for hill repeats in 90 degree weather, sometimes I fall, sometimes I’m in a lot of pain — but embrace the suck BECAUSE it makes us stronger.

NEVER GIVE UP – My dad really instilled this one in me. Getting off an walking my bike when the hill gets to steep is not allowed in the P.Schaef school of cycling. He might climb the hill and the circle back to encourage (or annoy) me and I may swear at him but he always tells me – never give up. Might be a sufferfest but never give up.

TRUST YOUR TRAINING – You’ve got a plan, maybe you’ve got a coach, you stuck to it, you did your workouts, everything builds on each other…now trust it. You put in the work and treated your body right — trust that your body can get you there (it’s up to you to get your mind to keep up).

Now time to remember these as I am 4 days out from Ironman Eagleman 70.3!

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