You’re Not Alone

When (I really wanted to say “if” but I am staying positive and fighting that) I cross that finish line in June one things will be really clear – I am NOT alone. Hundreds and hundreds of hours on the bike, in the pool, on the sidewalk or trail, and in my basement lifting weights can be such a mental battle. A lot of tri training is done solo but so much of my training and improvements have been a group effort whether they know it or not.

  1. My family – From my husband who makes me dinners for when I finish late at night and rearranges his schedule so I can get group rides in or parents and in-laws who cheer me on (and siblings and friends who are basically family). My dad who pushes me (sometimes literally) on the bike and keeps pumping tri and bike knowledge into my head even if I sometimes ignore or forget it.
  2. Social media – I love the Women for Tri group and the Athena group they give such great advice and provide me with so much inspiration. But I also love posting my journey so family and friend can follow along. I see every like, heart, share, re-tweet, and comment and they fuel me on! I see you! For those of you who follow my accounts it is mostly my adorable nephew Luke, my adorable dog Rainier/Lil Ray/Ray Ray, or…triathlon related photos #SorryNotSorry. Catch me on Instagram at @LBfindingmystrong
  3.  Swim Buddies – Leslie, your torn ankle ligaments were a curse on your running dreams for this spring but they have helped make me a stronger swimmer and that added accountability is getting me faster. For getting my butt into the pool for a mile+ swim every week. I 100% swim harder and better when I swim with friends. And Katie who taught me how to properly swim early on in this journey – I am feeling the burn! And Christy who promises to save me if I die during an open water swim and sends me great product advice on swim gear that she tests out.
  4. Running Buddies – Whether it is my mama-in-law and sis signing up and running their first 10k with me, Kyle listening to my snapchat cries and sending hers back, co-workers who are nutty and sign up for back-to-back 10 miler and half marathon races with me, or my pups who is at my side for *most* of my training runs.
  5. ProBike FC – From group rides to bike maintenance to strength training lessons y’all have made me a stronger rider and triathlete in the few months I have known you. Not taking the winter off because you kept your groups rides going or gave me the opportunity to Computrain has meant no slow slump into Spring. Your encouraging atmosphere, coaches, and team have made me a stronger rider mentally and physically and when I cross my next finish line it will be in HUGE part thanks to you. Thanks to y’all I will never give up (even going up a hill) even if I am the last person up it. I can’t wait to grow as a rider with y’all. If you aren’t already riding/shopping at/getting your bike fixed at ProBike FC you need to be.

I love you all! Let’s do this!


Seven for Saturday

What a week! I missed Five for Friday this week, so I thought I would join in on Seven for Saturday instead. Here we go!

1) Vega


As a #SweatPink Ambassador I had the opportunity to review Vega Sport as part of the #FueldYourBetter campaign. I was originally introduced to Vega through their Vega One wellness line and was happy to see them dive deeper into a sport-specific line. The Vega Team sent me a box of sugar-free (super important!) pre-workout energizer packets in the lemon-lime flavor. The energizer is taken 20-minutes before a workout and enhances mental focus, increases energy, and boosts your endurance. At least 4 times a week I bike to and from work, and run when I get home. I find that after a long work day I am exhausted by the time I ride the 4 miles home and it is difficult to get my butt back out the door for a run. This week has been a little different! After being sick on Sunday and Monday I got back in gear on Tuesday and started using Vega Sport before I got on my bike. By the time I got on my run I felt stronger and was able to run my hill intervals at a more consistent pace than a usual work-day-drag. My super picky (but lovely) husband has even take packets to his office to use for his runs. A co-worker saw me mixing my packet and cringed at the green (and I mean GREEN) color of Vega and I let him try an ice-cold mix. He cringed a little more when I read off the plant-based ingredients, and he grew a little skeptical, and held the cup with caution. He was happy to find out that it in fact did not “taste green” but tastes a lot like a glass of iced tea! Vega Sport products come in three phases: prepare, sustain, and recover. I’ve only tried their prepare stage — so I cannot account for their other phases — but I am very impressed with it so far!


2) Mother’s Day
This year we are spending mothers day with my mom by having brunch with my mom, cousin, sister, and her fiance. My mom loves the Elizabeth Arden perfume line, so we got her one of their spingy scents as a mothers day gift. Mama B is in the midwest so we mailed her a care package with a set of Bell & Jack preppy beachy earrings and a Super Bowl 43 shirt (Go Hawks!). Now go hug your mothers everyone!

image (6)

3) EnergyBits
As I mentioned above, I was out sick for a few days. I fit in a short run on one of those days (not advised) and sat out the second day. Whether it was food poisoning or a stomach bug I will never know…but I sure am happy it’s gone. On day 2 I received a great little package from ENERGYbits with a tin of their bits to try. Ever heard of them? They are tiny tablets of organically grown NON GMO spirulina algae and chlorella that eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly in just 1 calorie tabs. I took one as soon as I got the package with the hopes that it would help bring me back into the world of the living as far as my stomach problems went. The smell is a little hard to handle, but once you swallow the pill there’s barely any taste. It kind of reminded me of feeding my fish as a kid! I haven’t used EnergyBits on too many runs yet, but I am really looking forward to carrying it on longer-runs and half-marathons to take with salt tablets as a source of energy. We tested it out today at the 5k and loved it. Kyle compared it to drinking coffee post run minus the jitters, I agree. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. If you would like to try ENERGYBits out you can use the promocode “blog” when you check out for a 10% discount!

image (3)

4) Truckeroo
Once a month DC food trucks get together outside of National’s ball park for a food truck rally with bars, live music, yard games, and tons of great food trucks. My friends Christy and Kyle were over for the weekend so we rounded up the troops and went over for dinner. It may not have been the healthiest choice before a race day…but I knew we were taking this race easy and indulged a little! YOLO! Sorry…I said YOLO…moving on! My dinner included a Maine lobster roll, corn fritters, ice cream, and cider. Cheat day? Sure! But who could say no to this?

image (19)

5) MyOatmeal
Several SweatPink Ambassadors are big fans of MyOatmeal and I’ve read several reviews of their product. I was really happy to partner with them in reviewing their oatmeal. They have a really neat feature where you can customize your own blend from a whole host of ingredients and toppings in three different sizes. I made two “small” blends to try — and the small packages were actually larger than I expected and were packed full to the top! You really do get your moneys worth. The first mix was a “cookie” themed mix with oats, cookie dough, snickerdoodle, sugar cookies, flax seeds, pecans, and brown sugar cane. The second mix was “apple” themed and contained oats, apple pie, apple, gingerbread, apples, chia seeds, walnuts, and brown sugar cane. The flavors are AMAZING and I love all of the add-in’s like chia seeds and flax seeds that they offer. It’s hard to pick from so many amazing choices. For the past 2 weeks I have kept one bag of my “cookie” flavored mix at my office and one bag of my “apple” flavored mix at home. I use the at-home bag for snacks and breakfast and the at-work bag as a morning snack to eat after I bike into work. My little morning bike workout can leave my hungry during the day, but a small cup of oatmeal fills me up until lunch time and give me the energy I need to focus during the day. They’ve also extended a 15% discount on their oatmeal and PBLean blends for my readers. Simply enter “healthy15” when you check out! Oatmeal’s often listed as one of the “cheaper” health-foods and I 100% agree…MyOatmeal just proves that!

image (1)

6) BrokenMillenial
My best friend from high school has an amazing blog and writes for several outlets including Forbes and most recently TaxAct. Erin interviewed me for her most recent piece. Check it out!

7) 5k
Today we ran/walked the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure 5k in DC. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, as is my mother-in-law, and they are both some of the strongest and most wonderful women I know! My mom actually took part in some of their breast cancer research while she underwent surgery and treatment here in DC this past year. It was great to come full-circle and be there with her on this special day. My mom, sister, and her girl-friends walked the 5k and me and two of my friends ran the 5k. You know me, if there was a 5k run option…I had to run! It worked out well because we were able to get photos of my mom finishing and set up a cheering section for her. It was also really great to run with some of my best friends on this special day – these races always get me choked up. After the race, we headed to my mom’s house and we hosted a PartyLite party through Kyle along with a brunch for family and friends. Check out her site! And lastly, one of my cousins came into town this weekend to start his internship on Capitol Hill for the summer so he joined us as well. All-in-all a blast!! I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the race:

image (10)

image (18)

image (13)

image (5)




image (17)

The Joy in Training

There’s one thing I love more than setting and completing race goals that I set for myself…and that’s helping people I love set and achieve theirs!

Last fall several of my friends signed up to run the Marine Corps 10k in support of our girl Amanda. We all live in different parts of the country, so physically training together was not a possibility for most of us. But Beth lived just down the road from me…and this was her first 10k! We had run the Color Run together the previous fall and she set her sights on the Marine Corps 10k as her longest race to date and I could not have been more proud. I loved creating a running plan for her for the next 2 months, and loved joining her on weekly runs, and wish I could have done even more.
 I created a plan for her that was based off of the Couch to 5K program…but accelerated! Each week we upped her millage until we were at the 6.2 miles she would need for race day and used Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method to make she she would feel confident and rested. The plan worked well and I was proud to cross the finish line alongside Beth and know that running is in her future! Sharing in friends running goals and watching them become stronger (stronger than me, certainly!) brings me as much joy as crossing the finish line. I think it goes back to my love for making new friends on the race course…I’m just a people person!
 I’ve talked about my dad on this blog before as a source of my inspiration. He’s over 50 (I won’t reveal his age so he won’t kill me!) and is a sponsored cyclist and triathlete. He’s crazy! He can still solidly kick my butt at any sprint tri or race…even on my best day! As far back as I could remember, my dad used to put me on my bike with training wheels and have me ride along while he would do his evening runs after work. Sometimes this would mean him sprinting after me down a hill since I couldn’t find my brakes (good thing I am a military brat and we lived on safe bases!). For part of high school we lived in Hong Kong which is incredibly hilly. My dad started competing in triathlons in Hong Kong because of the great weather and proximity to beaches. I would wake up with him on Saturday mornings to help him work on his running as he competed in 10 and 15k races and wanted to better his running for triathlons. I ran track in high school, but I would get on my bike and bike along side him for 10+ miles and loved it.
This is dad competing in a Olympic distance triathlon several months ago in the Philippines. He’s sponsored by a local bike store called Bike King and Pocari Sweat (a really yummy sports drink in Asia). I’m a proud daughter!
Today, I had the opportunity to help my husband train. Although I have competed in more races than he has, he is still a MUCH faster runner than I am. He has his eyes set on a marathon this year (we still have to pick one!) and is working on building up his endurance. He’s competed in half-marathons and runs 4+ miles daily, so he is in good change to up his mileage. Today’s goal was 10+ miles and I wanted to help…but would not be able to keep up with his pace. Instead, I mapped out a course for us that would take us ALL over DC.
  He rarely runs with a water bottle and relies on race course support for long distances races (yeah, he is crazy). So today I biked with his keys and ID’s, water bottles filled with Nuun Hydration he needed, and energy snacks. We ended up running 11! It reminded me of biking with my dad and helping him train as a kid! Max is really good at pacing himself, but said that he liked having me there to clear out a path (urghhhhh tourists) and to have someone to chase the entire way.
 I used MapMyRun to plan out our course (we strayed a little from this, my extra turns and non-bike friendly paths bad it a little longer). Here’s a rough estimate:
10 miler
Here are some photos from today:
image (22)
image (21)
image (20)image (19)
image (18)
We aren’t the biggest fans of “group running” but here are a few of my tips on encouraging your friends and family/helping someone train:
1) Start slow – I am a big fan of Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method and swear by it. It’s an easy way to get people into running when they know they don’t have to run a 6 minute mile and that breaks are allowed. There’s no shame in walking when you need it!
2) Plan it out – make a plan and help them stick to it. Print it out, tape it up, check off the runs your complete and make-up the ones you miss. Accountability is key.
3) Run with them – don’t just cheer on the sideline…lace up those shoes and hit the trail with them. Or if they are faster than you but need the encouragement…bike along!
4) Celebrate the mile stones – take a picture, post it online, grab a smoothie, make a toast with Nuun! Enjoy the moment and celebrate each milestone. Max and I celebrate big runs/races with Chipotle. We rarely eat at Chipotle but running double digit miles certainly allows you to do that guilt free! In fact, I just finished a burrito bowl and he just finished a burrito!
5) Offer guidance – I get a lot of e-mails from friends, family, and readers about what shoes to buy or races to sign up for. I love it! I’m a running geek that spends my free time reading shoe reviews and the “next big things” in running. I love getting to share that with people (especially new runners). If you’re knowledgeable share it…and if you are not…offer up the opportunity to do a little research.
6) Humble yourself – I am a slow runner and I am far from perfect…chances are you are too! She your struggles and running short falls with those you train with. They can make you stronger, might have solutions for you, and can help new runners feel less overwhelmed or “slow”.
7) Avoid competition – It’s easy to turn a partner run into a race…but try and avoid it. Max and I love the Seahawks mantra of “always compete” but we also need to remember that we are not always racing each other even though we are signed up for the same race or running the same daily route. Gosh that would be an unhealthy marriage! There are some races I would be better at (probably sprint tri’s) and plenty of races he would be better at (all of our running races this far, haha). Instead of competing, encourage each other…that’s the beauty of running…you only have to compete against yourself.
So share with me now! how do you help your friends and family train for races? Do you have a running partner?

Winter Cross Training

This week has seen some of the coldest weather across the U.S. in HISTORY! -30 in the Midwest, 0 in Boston, 9 in DC? And that’s before windchill! Let’s be honest, few things deter this runner than the words “arctic blast” or “frigid” and “negative X degrees” so thank you Weather Channel (below) for inspiring this blog post.


Thankfully we have a gym and I was able to run indoors when I needed to this week…but I am happy to say that I did get a snow run in on Friday and loved every minute of it. But what if we can’t get out and run in the sub zero weather? What are our options?

1) Move it indoors.Hit up your local gym (one of the biggest pro’s of living in an apartment in DC is that we have one downstairs), join a spinning or barre class, sweat it out in hot yoga, or slip in a workout DVD. One of the coolest things about the new Xbox One is their partnership with Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton (P90X), and Shaun T (Insanity) through Xbox Fitness which gives you access to great (and usually very expensive) workouts with the click of your controller. Looks like I do like my husbands Xbox after all! So to my male readers, if you are looking for that perfect excuse to buy n Xbox One and your significant other is against it…you can use this…and you can thank me later.

2) Find an indoor pool. Check with your local YMCA, near by schools, public pools, and universities for open swim hours. Before I competed in my first (and only to date…gotta change that!) sprint triathlon I would train at the indoor swimming pool at my alma mater. It was free to me and their open swim hours started after I got off of work each night!

3) Find your missing motivation. Some days are harder than others…but the bulk of my “hard days” seem to fall in the dead of winter. It might have something to do with my warm down comforter…but dig deep and remember what’s motivating you to get moving. Print it out/write it down and stick it somewhere you can see every day.

4) Enjoy winter sports. Use the Sochi Winter Olympics to inspire you and test out one of these great winter sports. Yesterday Max and I traded in our long-run day for a day on the mountain with my mom and dad. I was so happy to get my snowboard back on the mountain and get used to the sport all over again. It’s been at least 2 years since I was last on my board! It took only one run down a green slope to remember what a workout snowboarding is on your quads! Think squatting for an entire day…

Snowboarding – burns 430 calories in an hour

Ice skating – burns 300 calories in an hour

Snow shoeing – burns 500 calories in an hour

Cross country skiing – burns 500 calories in an hour

Downhill skiing – burns 430 calories an hour

Broom ball – burns 470 calories in an hour

Sledding – burns 450 in an hour (walking up those hills!)

cllage ski

But like many of you, nothing can replace the feeling of finishing a good run…even if it is 9 degrees outside and you cannot feel your legs! Runners World has a great calculator for what you should be wearing in various temperatures. I’ve used it for each of my races and they have been spot on. My general rule of thumb is add 20 degrees to whatever temperature if currently is and you should be set since you’ll warm up once you get running.

what to wear

Stay safe and warm if you do venture out into Narnia my friends! So what do you do for your winter cross training? How do you stay motivated? I’m off to try out p90x on the XBoxOne now…I’ll let you know how it goes. This is my first time doing any of the BeachBody workout videos. Yikes!

Monday Morning Motivation



Today is one of those days for me! A packed schedule and a late night mean next to no time to run. Tomorrow I’ll need to get my head in the game and find some time in the morning or at night! Make it happen…or it never will! Remember, someone busier than you is running right now.

Monday Morning Motivation



Reminding myself of this very concept this week. We are MUCH stronger than we think! Our doubt and negative thoughts can be our own worst enemies. We have the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon this coming Sunday and are so incredibly excited. I’ve had this dumb hip pain since my last race and am really resting it this week, light foam rolling, and getting my mind in the right place. I know that if I start the race thinking “my hip hurts, my blisters hurt” before I even cross the start line, I know that I will run a horrible race. Half marathons hurt. Running hurts. I’ve got to be in the right mind set and remember mind over matter. I’ve done my running this week and it’s felt great – I know I can do it!

My Obsession: Road Runner Sports VIP Membership

Occasionally I channel my inner BrokeMillenial and get SUPER excited about saving on running gear. Let’s face it, running (as an action) is pretty much free…running gear is a whole different story! How many times have you walked into a running store or Sports Authority on a mission for running shoes and walked out with $300 in new gear? Guilty! That’s where my Road Runner Sports VIP membership comes in.

I love the store in general 🙂 but their VIP family membership is something that we have been a part of for over 5 years now. At $24.99 a year it pays for itself (see my math below). For years my dad (a cyclist and triathlete) had a VIP family membership with Road Runner and I would simply check out with his code. But two years ago his expired and he did not renew it and I knew, standing at the checkout line with my new shoes in hand, that I would SAVE money by purchasing my own. So I did — and I have never looked back even though they rang a really loud bell and cheered when I bought it.

So why am I so exited about a VIP membership? Let me explain…

1) 10% off on ALL of your orders. Who does not love a deal? Do the math…a pair of Brooks costs about $130. So 10% off means $13 off your shoes. Considering Max and I go through about 2 pair a year each that’s a savings of approximately $52 a year in shoes alone! That MORE than pays off the cost of the membership. But the savings isn’t just for shoes. We got $2 off an achilles tendon strap, $0.13 off each Gu Gel pack, and they always have great deals on Nuun so we tend to try out new flavors often. Want more than 10% off, just keep an eye out for their special VIP events where VIP members get 20% off or have VIP-only sales. A few weeks ago I got my Brooks Ravenna 4’s for $80. Yup….$80! Those are $100+ shoes!


2) Free shipping on all of your orders. There are Road Runner Sports stores all over the country but they are not a HUGE chain (yet). I recommend the membership to everyone regardless of their location because they can order their shoes for free and return them if they are not right. Best choice: get fitted at a store near you and order them from Road Runner. Trust me….it’ll be cheaper!

3) 90 day “wear ’em & love ’em” guarantee. So you buy your shoes, they fit great in the store, and you head out on your first run and they just don’t feel right (too tight, shin splints, pain, causing you to pronate, etc.). At most stores that’s the end of the line for you…you are stuck with them because you have already worn them. Not Road Runner. You can put your miles on them and within 90 days return them for a FULL refund, no questions asked. Last month Mr. Husband read about a new pair of minimalist-like shoes called Under Armor Speed Forms. They were flashy and great (and we ordered them online via Road Runner) but he has achilles tendinitis and minimalist-like shoes were his worst enemy.  We took them in today, got him back in a pair of Brooks, and returned the UA’s with the 90 day guarantee because of our VIP membership. We have one more week until our half marathon so we didn’t have a lot of time to mess around! We also love Under Armor (…one look at Max’s ALL Under Armor running outfits will tell you that) but these shoes were just not for him.

4) Their customer service is great and they are always attentive. Whether it is helping you get your shoes fitted via their Shoe Dog program (really cool!), or helping you find new gear or food, they are they to help you. During last weeks races I developed 2 blisters on the back of my heels. One is smaller so I can ignore it 🙂 but the other…the other was nasty! I’ve got moleskin’s and gauze and band-aids on it but need something more for next weekends half. Our Finish Line Expert, Richard, told me about a pair of socks they used to sell that were created by WrightSock that were thin/multi-layer socks so that the friction stays between the sock and off of your feet. He dug around in the back, found the last pair in my size, and gave me a huge discount on the 3-pack (originally $32.99 but sold to me for $13.72 with my VIP discount combined with a clearance discount). I’ll be thanking Richard at the finish line of next weekends race!


5) They’ve got all the brands. Those fancy Under Armor shoes I spoke about above? We went to the Under Armor store and they didn’t even have a pair! Road Runner Sports did. Newton running shoes are another good example of running shoes that are specialized and hard to find. But yes, Road Runner Sports has them and even has “Newton Nights” where representatives come in to teach you about fore-foot running (sounds painful to me – but if you know more about it hit me up!).

7) It’s only $24.99 a year and if you order it online they have specific deals where you can get a one year membership for $1.99. That’s right, you can get the VIP membership online right NOW for $1.99. I might as well renew it right now…

No, Road Runner did not pay me to write this post. I am just an excited customer who was really happy with my experience there today (and every time I walk into the store). My family loves this store and my dad was there earlier in the morning to stock up on Nuun and check out socks. If you are serious about running you really should do yourself a favor and become a VIP member. It is worth every penny!


Race Recap: Marine Corps 10k & Marathon

This weekend was hands down one of the best weekends this year. My Ohana was all in town, many of them running a 10k race for their first time, and Amanda was running her first-ever MARATHON! You can read her blog recap at the link – try not to cry too much! She is amazing!

The weekend started out Friday night when people started trickling into town. On Saturday the race festivities began and we made our way to the DC Armory where we navigated the crowded parking lot and jumped in line to wait for our race packets as the power went out in the tent. It was a littler terrifying to walked through a pitch black dark tent with no lights to find out bib stations. Then we grabbed out gear and headed to the expo. I think that is when it really sank in for everyone that we were doing this! The expo was great and I picked up a few stinger waffles and stinger gels for the in-between period between my two race (more on that later) and the girls bought everything from new shoes, an official MCM race jacket, water bottle holders, sweaty bands, and free samples. The expo had it all!


On Saturday night the girls and I cooked up pizza, pasta, salad, and garlic bread for out carbo loading feast and did our best to make it into bed before 11! why so early? Well…because we had to be awake at 5:30 am! But first we laid out our race gear and checked our to-do lists.

5:30 AM came around a lot fast than I wanted too and of course the race day jitters had the best of me. Alarms went off and us bleary eyed runners and rock-star support team got dressed and hit the road. We took the metro three stops down to Smithsonian and I bolted for the pota-poty line. I swear I always try to use the bathroom at home before a race but no matter what I do I always end up having to pee right when I get to the race start! Maybe it’s nerves? Either way, those things are a rare form of HELL! *barf*


Post porta-poty photo op

We lined up at the 1:15 mark knowing that our group of runners would be all over the pace from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This was safe! We watched marines parachute out of a plane with a giant American flag and land at the MCM start, we listened to the national anthem, and we howitzer cannon went off!

My plan for the day was a little different than I had originally planned so I knew I needed to take it easy. Amanda was running the marathon for Team Not Alone and was running in memory of her beautiful mother Glenda who we miss deeply and all ran for. She carried us all through that day – you could feel Mrs. Glenda all around. My original plan (which was approved by the MCM fyi) was to wait to start my 10k race until Amanda reached the 20 mile mark so that we could run the 6.2 together. On Saturday we realized that the courses were slightly different and that our plan would not really work out the way I has planned. So I made a decision on Saturday at the Expo to run the 10k with the group and metro to the 20 mile marker of the marathon and run with Amanda. 12.4 miles. I was nervous since I had not done a distance like that since my half marathon earlier this year but I knew it was going to be great! One of the best choices ever and our friend Andrea joined me as well!


My trying to truck it up the hill behind zippy Beth – she killed that hill!

For the 10k, I had the pleasure of running with Beth who was running her first ever 10k and started training 6 weeks before. We live in the same neighborhood so we were able to get in a few training runs together before the big day which was great. During those training runs we ran with a consistent 1 minute run 1 minute walk plan that ended up with a 13 minute mile. Beth was comfortable with that and knew that she could finish the 6.2 with that plan. We stuck to the plan and poor Beth got a foot cramp (those suck!) at mile 2 so we had a couple of stretch breaks to keep her toes from cramping and 1 porta-potty break so we finished with a 14 minute mile pace which was still AWESOME! 11 months prior to this race I race Beth’s first 5k with her and I realized this close to the finish line and ran behind her up the finish line hill and was so incredibly proud of how far she had come. How about a half marathon, Beth!? The rest of the group finished 8 minutes ahead of us and speedy-speedy Andy finished in under an hour! Crazy! Beth and I high-fived as we received our medals and we met the group for watermelon, beer, and bananas. Man…that sounds nasty now. We really were lucky to have a rock-star support crew of friends who carried out gear for us to the finish line and took photos so that we could do our best to look like that ridiculously photogenic marathon guy (this one). THANK YOU ALL of cheering us on and carrying around very heavy bags – Tory, Caroline, Max, Matt, and Danielle.


SO proud of these awesome 10k-ers!

By this time I was HUNGRY and knew I needed to get some food in my stomach before I jumped on the metro to make it to mile 20. The options were pretty limited so I went for a plain McDonalds egg mcmuffin (gross, I know, but it was pretty basic and not horribly greasy). I gobbled it down and Beth, Christy and I made our way to mile 20 to meet up with Team Peacock. One of the best added surprises was getting to mile 20 right as my friend Melissa was running by. This was also her first marathon and we ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon together this past spring. I heard someone call my name and immediately ran over, hugged her, and jogged along with her for a bit until I needed to turn around. She beat the bridge! I made my way back to Team Peacock and Mr. Brian (Amanda’s dad) hugged me and told me that he was so proud of us and that we were killing him that day with all of our love – that was the second time I cried that day. To call is an emotional ay was an understatement


Mama Caroline braiding my hair pre-run & a post-run banana

We were tracking Amanda up to that point on our phones and knew that she was near. She had run a consistent 13 minute mile for the entire 20 miles and did not stop! Wow! I stood on the barrier and looked for Amanda’s teal under armor shirt in the crowd and could see her running up the on ramp. We started SCREAMING! The crowd went crazy and Amanda raised her hands and Andie and I jumped in. Our plan – have fun for the last 6.2! Boy did we! We continued running til we made it to the end of the never-ending bridge and started to power walk. Even power walking we were till passing people left and right which was pretty funny to me. We danced through the bands and people playing music on the side of the street, we made ourselves look SUPER good in our best running poses by photographers, we looked out for the best signs, we laughed at the vodka shots some spectators tried to hand us and gagged at the smell of the spilled vodka in the heat, and we cheered on other runners around us. It was the fastest 6.2 of my life because e were having fun while doing it. For those 6.2 I forgot about the blisters on my heels, forgot about my IT band pain, forgot that I was hungry and wanted another drink, forgot that I had to get my butt to work the next morning. It was amazing!


*Photos from Andrea :D*

before we knew it we were at mile 26 and picked up out pace and started running again. We could see the hill and started up it together – the three of us in a line. We rounded the corner and saw the Team Peacock cheering section and I started to tear up again seeing everyone and I could see Amanda holing back tears too. Her dad ran out and high-fived her as she ran the very last bit to the end and Andrea and I ducked out and joined the group. It was amazing! We met up with Amanda at the family meet up and it was hugs all around.


Killing that hill!

Amanda wanted beer and pizza and we all agreed that the combo sounded amazing after a day of running. We headed back to Beth’s house and ordered 9 pizzas, a case of Sam Adams, and 2 six packs of Angry Orchard. We finished it all. YUM!

To say that I have the best friends in the world is an under statement 😀 I am blessed and need to remember that more often. I am SO proud and will remember this race forever. So what’s next? Mr. Husband was certainly bitten but the distance race bug while watching the marathon. I race more than he does…but he is a MUCH faster runner than I am. We found a half marathon (13.1 miles) that was 13 days away and figured, what the heck? Let’s do it! I essentially ran a half marathon this weekend and am walking fine and ready to exercise again 2 days later (thanks foam roller) and Max is in much better shape than I am. So on Nov. 10th Max and I will be running the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon from Mount Vernon to National Harbor – that goes through 2 states and the District of Columbia. Pretty cool!


Mission Accomplished.

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