Winter Cross Training

This week has seen some of the coldest weather across the U.S. in HISTORY! -30 in the Midwest, 0 in Boston, 9 in DC? And that’s before windchill! Let’s be honest, few things deter this runner than the words “arctic blast” or “frigid” and “negative X degrees” so thank you Weather Channel (below) for inspiring […]

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Monday Morning Motivation

  Today is one of those days for me! A packed schedule and a late night mean next to no time to run. Tomorrow I’ll need to get my head in the game and find some time in the morning or at night! Make it happen…or it never will! Remember, someone busier than you is […]

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Follow Along on Social Media

Hey Friends, Sorry for the delay in posts this week, it’s been a little busy, but I’ll be working on a new blog post this weekend for you! I wanted to send along my Instagram and Twitter feeds for you to follow as well. I am constantly posting (especially on Twitter) all day long from […]

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