Shin Splints: Causes and Cures

Shin splints are arguably the most common running problem/injury runners of all levels face. Whether you’re just starting our you’re an elite runner training for the Olympics, chances are you’ve probably had shin splints at one point or another. Over the past week I have received three separate e-mails about shin splints and myself took […]

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Are You A Runner?

I never considered myself a running because I didn’t “look” like one or I was not “as fast” as the runners out there. But you know what? I get out there and pound the pavement! So I am a runner in my little heart! We all are – own it! You run for two miles? […]

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Finding My Strong

I’ve never been a skinny girl and I have no desire to be one. I’m not in it to look like a model – I am in it to get healthy. I am type 2 diabetic (insulin resistant, what my doctors like to call “pre-diabetic”) and have PCOS which makes loosing weight an absolute nightmare. […]

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